Southgate Apartments

God has directed us to reach out to Southgate Apartment residents and its management. Evergreen has built strong relationships, loving these people, and sharing the Gospel with kids and adults alike. Kingdom Builders will enable us to continue offering a variety of resources and events for residents including: homework help, swim lessons, karate classes, Sonshine Kidz weekly summer events, and more! 

 The paper says, "Rob: I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Wally"

The paper says, "Rob: I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Wally"

Sunny Acres 

While hosting games and crafts for children at our Kid's Fun Nights at Sunny Acres mobile home community, the Lord has been answering our prayer to connect with parents and adults. Numerous adults have come to know the Lord through our efforts, including a 92-year old man, pictured here. Through Kingdom Builders, we will continue to share the love of Christ in practical ways, as well as to provide deeper care in friendships, a listening ear, and prayer. 

Student Conferences

Annual student leadership conferences have historically been one of the most catalytic and imprinting times in the life of a young person. In 2018, we want to remove as many barriers as possible for students to attend these life-changing events by providing scholarships for financial assistance to Bloomington youth.

Immigrant Hope

Immigrant Hope’s mission is to provide immigrants with the hope of the Gospel, help to find a pathway to legal residency, and a home in a church that cares for their needs. The Lord has utilized our recently established Bloomington office to provide support to several individuals in the citizenship process. Through Kingdom Builders support, Immigrant Hope will be able to increase the number of lives touched by Christ.

Lighthouse Neighborhood Outreach

In every neighborhood where a Bloomington attender lives, we have an opportunity to be a “light in darkness” through Lighthouse Outreach. This is a grassroots initiative that empowers individuals to love their immediate neighbors in a variety of fun and generous ways. Through Kingdom Builders, we would like to establish, equip and support five Evergreen homes as Lighthouses. A portion of the Kingdom Builders funds will be used to support these neighborhood initiatives.

Bringing Hope to New Hope

God has sovereignly and uniquely placed Evergreen New Hope directly in the heart of a residential area. We are surrounded by homes filled with men, women and children that have never fully experienced the radical and saving love of Jesus Christ. We want to change that. In 2018, we will be initiating a highly focused and faith-filled effort to demonstrate that love directly to the people God has placed in our immediate neighborhood. This will happen through a variety of events and initiatives designed to position our church as a “beacon of light” and “fragrant aroma” in our community. Our desire is to demonstrate the radical and generous heart of Christ in a way that people can’t help but take notice! 

Our most visible presence in the neighborhood is our buildings, but improvements need to be made to make them more welcoming to guests. Our goal is to make strategic changes that improve visitor experience at the Evergreen Lakeville facility. The plan for this year is to update and expand Lakeville's foyer and north hall, providing space for gathering before and after the service and to better serve families with small children. 

Improving Our Welcome

In 2018, for the first time in our 30 year history, Evergreen, The Urban Refuge, and The Rock will rally their congregations to take a short-term local mission trip at the same time. Each location will determine how best to reach their local community through acts of kindness, service projects, praying, and sharing the Gospel. We can’t wait to see what the Lord does in us and through us as we mobilize our saints. Block out your calendar for July 25-29 because you won’t want to miss this!

All-Location Mission Week