Q. How are the projects broken out by location?

A. The charts below show how each location will fund various projects. 

Q. Who determined what activities and projects were included in Kingdom Builders in 2018?

A. The pastors of each location set their own goals, objectives, and budgets based on what they believe would be best for their location in the 2018 calendar year.



Q. How will the money be divided among the location goals?

A. In 2018, each location has their own goals and budget that they will be working towards. Some of the initiatives are more location specific while others are more collaborative. At any time during Kingdom Builders, a location may choose to assist another location with their initiatives. 


Q. What happens if the full goal amount is not raised?

A. The location pastors have prioritized their initiatives. If the goals amounts are not raised, they will determine which initiatives are done and which are not. Some initiatives may still be completed, but in a less expensive manner than originally planned.


Q. Are The Rock and Urban Refuge locations participating in Kingdom Builders?

A. In 2018, the first year of a joint Kingdom Builders campaign, the three Evergreen locations (Bloomington, New Hope, Lakeville) will unite around Kingdom Builders. While the other two locations will not have their own Kingdom Builders, they will continue to unite around aspects such as teaching, church planting, local mission work, etc.


Q. Why are some missionaries supported from Kingdom Builders and not their General Budget?

A. Supporting missionaries is not necessarily part of the ongoing general operating budget of a church. Each location has the option to determine from where missionaries are supported. Within Kingdom Builders, supporting missionaries are prioritized above other initiatives. This means that if our goal amount is not achieved, missionaries will receive full support and amounts for other projects will be adjusted.