Kingdom Builders

Doing more together.


We can do more together.

This has never meant more than it does today. 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Evergreen Church. Together, we have been able to accomplish great things for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Twin Cities. And, together, we are able to do more through Kingdom Builders. This year, all three Evergreen churches are joining together in a collaborative Kingdom Builders campaign to expand the transforming work of the Gospel. We can do so much more together than alone!




Our vision is to support specific location-driven initiatives while leveraging the strength of collaboration. The projects we've selected reflect our desire to live out Acts 1:8—bearing witness to the Gospel in our local community (Jerusalem), our region (Judea and Samaria), and around the world (ends of the earth). Kingdom Builders is an opportunity to participate in a vision that will transform our world. Each project on our list this year is designed to build God’s Kingdom beyond what our operating budget would allow.


Percentages represent 100% fulfillment of the goal.
Final distribution of the funds will be determined by the pastoral staff.


Be a Kingdom Builder